Taxi Services in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janerio is one of the largest cities of Brazil. If you are new here, then Taxi should be your preference for road transportation. The road structure of this city is easier as compared to other Brazilian cities. That is why many people rely on road transport. Now a days E-Taxi Apps have made our tourism modern and more innovative. These apps will provide you details of travelling of any area and region, complete detail of taxi services, tracking system, arrival and departure booking and many other facilities those could never be imagined in the past. These mobile apps are available in Android, Black berry, iOS and in window phone. The GPS system will easily track the location of taxi and can easily help its passenger in case of any problem.

Euro Taxi, launched in 2013 as mobile app, is now operating in more than 165 cities of 41 countries. Anyone can easily avail its services by using his mobile phone. The focus of Euro Taxi is on providing excellent customer satisfaction by meet and greet model i.e. they arrive at your home, before you are leaving home hence, saving you from hassle of waiting. For Booking, please visit

Coopatur Rádio Táxi is a big name among taxi companies in Rio. It is the distinctive and one of the biggest companies in taxi industry working 24/7 to assist customers. Customer service department is functional 24/7 to provide assistance and booking services. They are reliable and their professional drivers hiring system is renowned in the world. You can get all detail information on the website or may call at +55 21 2560-8144 to visit

Fast Transis is another finest transport service provider in Rio de Janeiro. These cabs are suitable for 4 persons only which may be considered as drawback if you are not comfortable with this arrangement. If you are coming to Rio de Janeiro, you can book your taxi or rental cab online. It can be expensive sometime if you do not have any knowledge about this city. It is recommended to check your meter of taxi first before starting journey. For booking, dial (11) 6978 7060 or visit


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